MotherWire Magazine, Christmas 1998 Issue Vol.3  No.12>


The Mother Wire Magazine has the top designers in the United States who create virtual online storefronts for retail and wholesale commercial vendors and stores.

Real sales take place on the World Wide Web in what is called the virtual storefront (using computer screen images and telephone line connectivity while the real store is physically back at the real shoppping center). This new advertising, marketing, and sales environment creates expanded sales for a business throrughout the world.

The virtual storefront is the part of the system which the customer actually sees on the computer screen.

It is the public part of the shopping system where the customer can look through ads or catalogs, call up offerings of merchandise and services, or place orders and pay for products through secured financial transactions with the merchant.

For further information and pricing of services please call WebPortal Design Works at 209-498-0913

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