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Monday December 1, 2004

Top Magazine Editor Wants New Writers!

After three-and-a-half years Laurie Kobliska, Editor and Publisher of Mother Wire Magazine, will most likely premiere a complete revision and update to her already popular site. The update will take place in mid-December of this year.

The womens' issue newsmagazine will have a bank of new stories prepared when 1999 arrives. Submissions are encouraged.

Don't look for Mother Wire Magazine's new face lift to be drastically different from its parent, WebPortal.Com or its sister site, SierraPortal.Com. Kobliska, the original founder, has spent five years on the new "mommie track."

Three children later, she has decided she wants the second version of MotherWire Magazine to "live up to the standard of excellence that it has already set."

What will MotherWire Magazine No. 2 do to the pool of worthy stories? "This intensifies things for Mother Wire Magazine writers," she says. "With twice as many people out chasing stories, it's got everybody a bit more on their toes ... In some ways, that's probably healthy."

The correspondent lineup will include a number of mainstays as well as a break for fresh new faces who aspire to be writers.

If you can write with an 'attitude', you might like to contribute a column for this monthly family-oriented magazine. Stories may be submitted through e-mail dierectly to Ms. Kobliska via her e-mail address,

Submissions must be on the topic of child growth, safety, learning, schools, moral training, family structure, home economics, marriage and careers.


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