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Monday December 6, 1998

No time to publish anything.
I am teaching 'remedial reading'

By Janice B. Tehie, Contributor to MotherWire Magazine

FREMONT - There is a gender gap in publishing. I am a recent Ph.D. (Educational Foundations, 1996), who landed a job teaching in a small Jesuit college in Jersey City, NJ. Because this is a teaching school and the pay is low due to the school's financial problems, I have to teach overload courses to make ends meet and pay off my student loans.

As an Education professor who is in a department that doubles as the reading center to help first-generation college freshmen improve their reading and study skills, I also teach at least one section of remedial reading each semester. There is very little time or institutional support for publication at this institution.

I take great exception to the statements I hear like "... the people who write more and publish more, who are prolific leaders in their field, just happen to be smarter and harder-working than these other people."

In addition to teaching four classes a semester, commuting fifty miles round trip to school, and taking care of the insulin-dependent diabetes which I developed shortly before graduation with my Ph.D., what time is there left to publish.

[Janice B. Tehie PhD, is an assistant professor of Education, at St. Peter's College, Jersey City, NJ]


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