Mother Magazine Wired Cover

February 1, 1997

Notes On Big Families!

By Liz Souter

STOCKTON DESK - Simply leaving the house involves an hour long process of getting the kids presentable, packed, and pottied. An additional ten minutes is required to strap everyone into car seats and safety belts.

Going out to eat is an adventure. You enter the restaurant hoping there is no wait for a table. If there is a wait it will go by quickly because a youngster's fascination with public restrooms is never ending.

The hostess needs an assistant to lead you to the table because she can't carry the high chair and booster seat alone. After taking several minutes to seat and bib the kids you look at the menu. There are always too many choices.

Even though you know the girls will choose grilled cheese every item must be read several times while they deliberate. The waitress has been to the table twice to see if you are ready to order. Each time she walks away you kick yourself because you forgot to ask for extra napkins.

Eventually the meal arrives and is inhaled in five minutes. While recovering from the indigestion caused by rapidly consuming your dinner you wipe the food off the kids.


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