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February 1, 1997

Ratings for 1997 Educational TV !

By Edward Birnbaugh, Mother Wired Staff Writer

STOCKTON DESK - In 1997 broadcasters are required to make it easier for parents to select what their children watch by flagging all educational shows using educational symbols based on new federal children's television rules.

According to the Communications Commission, symbols or announcements will be used at the beginning of each program. "E/I" will indicate that the show will be Educational and Informational.

In 1997 TV listings will also begin to reflect this change. Parents will begin to see a trend between stations on the frequency of this type of programming and will be able to program their remotes accordingly.

To bring America's kids high quality tv more frequently, this fall all TV stations will be required to show at least three hours of educational programming weekly. However, since cable tv is not federally regulated, this requirement does not yet apply to them.

Today, many stations currently show at least four hours of education television each week, so only time will tell if this regulation makes any significant difference.


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