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A Balancing Act

Lover, Friend, Confidante, Doctor, Teacher, Chef, Counselor, Housekeeper, just to name a few.

Mothers today are expected to do it all. Everything from raising a healthy, well-behaved children, cooking well balanced home-made meals, keeping the home clean and organized from clutter, being fit and beautiful, be the key support and counselor for the family, and of course work full time and make it all appear effortless.

Raising a healthy family takes complete dedication and commitment. It's a struggle for most women to balance all these thing and be happy and still maintain their individuality.

The support that women used to have from family and friends is gone but not forgotten. The days when a woman could rely on relatives as caregivers has nearly vanished from most households, and to find a babysitter that one could rely on and trust is not as simple as it once was.

Todays' world of motherhood can be tough. Women trust the experiences of other mothers when they need advice and networking with other mothers is a way of life.

More than ever, mothers need time for themselves. To get a little time time each day to exercise, read, or just to be alone to contiplate their own dreams is a luxery that fathers often aren't aware is missing from a mothers life.

Mothers are so busy being MOM that they often forget about their own needs.


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