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Women's Circle Chat Room
Enter your nickname and press the connect button to chat,
or click here for more instructions about chat.

Sorry, your browser is not Java-enabled, you will not be able to chat.

How to Use Chat

  • To start chatting, enter your user name (any nickname) and click "Connect." Your user name must be a unique chat user name and is valid for your current chat session. You may also enter your real name, email address, and a password.

  • Chat messages are displayed in the chat message area. To add to the conversation, type in your message in the text box below the message area. By default your message is sent to all users. To send a messae to a particular user, highlight the user from the users list on the right, select the 'Private User' radio button and type your message. Everything you type will remain "private" until you turn 'Private User' off.

  • To screen out obnoxious users, highlight the user from the users list on the right. And select the 'Ignore User' check box.

  • To end your chat session, click the 'Log Off' button.

  • The 'About' button displays information about ParaChat in the message box.

  • The 'Surf!' button opens a new browser and displays the last URL typed in the message box.

  • The 'F.A.Q.' button displays the Chat F.A.Q. in a new browser. The F.A.Q. is the easiest place to find tech support for ParaChat. If you do not find a solution for your problem in the F.A.Q., please click on the 'Chat Support' link at the top or the bottom of the page to report the problem.

  • The 'Float' button displays the chat window in a floating browser.


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