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May 1, 1997

Guiding Our Children to Emotional Well Being


STOCKTON - Can we control a child's emotions? Of course not.

What we can do is use negative emotions as an opportunity to guide our children into good decision making skills.

Parents need to guide their children through their emotions and talk about them and the consequences that follow. Growing up with a positive attitude about emotions is key to a healthy state of mind.

Research shows that they have better friendships, and they're able to focus their attention and calm down after a negative situation when emotions are talked about openly in the family.

Social and emotional intelligence only leads to stability in life's ups and downs.(ie. Marriage, Child rearing etc.)

Parents play the biggest role in their child's life by being emotionally stable. Parents who can accept emotions and empathize with them still need to help children label their emotions and set limits on behavior while exploring solutions together.

Take a look at your own emotions and be honest about feelings.

That can be a struggle for those who grew up in homes where emotions were routinely dismissed or criticized.

Talk about emotions with your kids. Help them lable what they are feeling. It can help you recognize your own feelings in the process.


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