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Volume 3 Number 4                             April 1, 1999

Showing Appreciation

By Laurie Kobliska, Editor & Publisher

FREMONT - With recognition, kids can begin to see the fun in their education. The secret is, showing appreciation. Kids who feel appreciated want to succeed.

     Promote your child's self-concept by being in tune with your own attitude. Your child's attitude will often reflect your own. If you loved school, your kids will notice it. Even if you had difficulty in school, you can still help your kids feel good about education.

      Parents have opportunities every day to show their kids the value of education. Perhaps having your kids see you reading, balancing your check-book, and following recipes will demonstrate educational value.

      Let your children know that you appreciate their efforts. Tell your child, Wow, you worked hard on that project. Know your children's interests and help them learn. What do your children get excited about? Football, playing an instrument, painting? And then make a connection to their education. Make it fun and interesting to them.

      Teach your children the importance of learning just for the fun of it. School allows a child to discover the world and their place in it. Let them explore their interests as they discover them.

      Watch their imaginations soar. Daydreaming is also a source of learning and helps bring life to their education.


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