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Volume 3 Number 1                             January 3, 1999

Mother Wire's Guide
to Women's Health Issues

By Mother Wire Magazine Editors

FREMONT - The following list of links includes some of the references that our editors deemed most useful when they were preparing this special feature.

   At these sites, you will find current health information for women of any age. In addition, many sites let you exchange stories with other women and address questions to top women doctors.

Women's Health Hotline

Women's Health Information Center from the American Medical Association

National Women's Health Resource Center

Women's Health Alliance

European Institute of Women's Health

Forum for Women's Health, from female physicians

Society for the Advancement of Women's Health Research

Resources from the Canadian Women's Health Network

Women's Health America Organization

Women's Health Weekly

Women's health articles from the recent newspaper accounts.

Our Bodies, Ourselves

Prozac Diary Lauren Slater's return to the strange state of feeling well.


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