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WASHINGTON D.C. - Child Safety Seats. Kolcraft is offering a free repair kit for certain of its Traveller 700 and Playskool (style numbers 77001 and 77002) safety seats manufactured between January 24, 1991 and June 30, 1993. The current buckle may rust, discouraging parents from buckling it. Parents can receive a replacement harness that includes a new buckle tongue by contacting the company at Kolcraft Enterprises, Inc., 3455 West 31st Place, Chicago, 111. 60623; or (800) 453-7673.

LOS ANGELES - Each of the following child safety seats has been the subject of a recall for more than six months but has had less than 20% of the known units reported as repaired. NHTSA encourages parents who own any of these products to contact the manufacturer and have the problem described remedied. NHTSA also recommends that parents continue to use the seat, rather than leave a child unrestrained, while they wait for the problem to be fixed.

BOSTON - Century Products. 580 Rear Facing Infant Carrier (models 4580, 4581, 4583, and 4585) manufactured from July 1986 through December 1989. The instructions for threading the shoulder harness are unclear. All 1000STE, 2000STE, 3000STE, and 5000STE seats manufactured from December 1990 through October 1991. The instructions in Spanish for positioning the child are incorrect. (800) 837-4044

SACRAMENTO - All 3000STE, 3500STE, 5000STE, and 5500STE models manufactured from September 1989 through October 1992. The red shoulder release strap could release unintentionally in a crash. (800) 231-2755

LOS ANGELES - Cosco. Soft Shield (model Numbers 02-090 and 02-190) and Auto Trac (model numbers 02-0290, 02-790, and 02-890) models manufactured from October 1989 through June 1990. The harness retainer may not restrain a child sufficiently in an accident. Deluxe Commuter (model number 02-086) manufactured from October 12, 1987 through February 2, 1988. The seat pad is not completely sealed and a child could eat some of the pad material. (800) 544-1108

SAN FRANCISCO - Fisher-Price. Models 9100 and 9101 manufactured from February through October 1989. The buckle assembly may not fasten correctly. (800) 527-1034

STOCKTON - Kolcraft Products. Traveler 700 car seats manufactured from January through August 1990. Dial-A-Fit (model 180-160) manufactured from November 1990 through June 1991. The seat shell may crack in a sudden stop or accident. Perfect Fitt (model 180-200) manufactured from January 1988 through July 1990. The seat cushion failed government flammability tests. (800) 453-7673

TOKYO - Takata-Gerico. Gerry Guardian seats manufactured from January 31 through May 3, 1990. A child may be able to release the buckle assembly himself. (800) 845-8813


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