Mother Wired Magazine, April 1997 Issue Vol.1  No.4

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When Michele Hutchinson strapped her three year old daughter, Dana, into her child safety seat one stormy afternoon to keep her safe ...

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Get an early start on your baby's intellectual development, but take a close look at another important factor - you child's safety ...

Nancy, the new lifeguard was just hired four weeks into camp and tried to catch up to other waterfront staff in the tanning department.

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Thousands of kids will be injured this Summer unless steps are taken now to protect them from careless water accidents ...

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Drown-proof your child to make sure there won't be a tragedy ...

During the hot summer season, few things are more inviting to a kid than a cool splash in a nearby pool. But in the seconds it takes to get wet, a child can drown or be seriously injured.

The National Safety Council's 1994 Accident Facts Report shows that drowning is the second leading cause of death for young people

The 'Blue Alert' is a new program designed to Save Children From Drowning. It is a powerful video message aimed at helping parents

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