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Having a Support Network
is Vital to Every Mother's Sanity

There may be no greater therapy than a group of moms and their kids that meet on a regular basis. Talking about the things that we go through each day is helpful to hear from others going through it as well.'

Moms clubs, support groups or play- groups can be extremely helpful, especially to those that have recently left a support group of friends to be home with their children.

If a mom has recently moved from one area of the country to another and finds herself in need of adult conversation, moms' groups can be real lifesavers.

For example, sanity can be saved just as soon as a six week old infant can join a play group in their local area. In the beginning talking about the babies, my be the only common ground but as you begin to know each other, you talk more about yourselves.

Any Mommie or Daddy who is at home for an indefinite amount of time without regular adult interaction has a tendency to become depressed. There are many ways to help cope with this. If you are in this category, find a support group, now!

Play groups can meet a week so mothers can talk with one another while their children play nearby. They meet in parks when the weather is good, at homes in cold or rainy weather, and periodically at the zoo, pizza parlor.

The importance of support cannot be underestimated. And not just for stay-at-home moms, we must not forget that moms working outside the home need support too!

Office mates are not always other moms and do not always understand how difficult it is to work full time and raise a loving family as well. They may not understand that you need and want to get home to your children because you have not seen them all day. Working moms, you need support too!

How can you become involved in such a support group? To find a group, look in your local papers' bulletin board section or if you have any local parenting papers, look through them for listings.

Call your local hospitals or YMCAs for group listings. Or why not start your own? You can belong to a national support group such as:

Begin a club of your own. Advertise in local papers (preferably in parenting papers), make flyers and distribute on bulletin boards at grocery stores. Have your phone number on the flyers and when you feel you have enough moms for a group, set a time, date and place for your first meeting. Working moms can plan meetings for lunch hours! It is that simple!


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