Mother Wired Magazine, March 1997 Issue Vol.1  No.3

Teaching your baby to read is not so difficult. But it does require a balanced and comprehensive approach. And a lot of practice for your baby.

A great book for mommies is "How To Teach Your Baby to Read" by Glenn Doman. This came out a few years ago. The book explains why the years before your child begins public school are the best time of all for learning to read. Get it.

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In 1997 TV broadcasters are required to make it easier for parents to select what their children watch ...

If you or your spouse were not athletic in your youth it could mean that your children will miss the boat, too.

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Thousands of teachers have fitful dreams before the beginning of the fall semester each year. What is the subtle message your child is exposed to in public schools?

Japan Report Card
Japan's super-competitive system is engulfing ever-younger children, spawning a new industry of cram schools for elite private kindergartens and elementary schools.

California's once world-class system is now third-rate. Can it be rebuilt? The State of California has enormous resources with problems to match.

Why don't American children know how to add and subtract anymore? You can do something about this tonight.

When it comes to reading in school, children today simply don't do much of it. Most of them can't read well enough by the time they graduate from 12 Grade to read their own diplomas. We need McGuffey's Miracle!

Public schools really worked at the turn-of-the-century.If you could't read you didn't get promoted. Most schools consisted of one room with a great view!

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